Welch Allyn 68062 Fiber Optic Miller Laryngoscopes Blade Size 2


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Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Miller Laryngoscopes Blade Size 2

The Welch Allyn Miller Laryngoscope Blade, Size 2 is the smart choice.
In 1990, Welch Allyn modified the Miller blade to improve its functionality and field of view. First, the base or tongue of the blade was flattened so that the tongue could be “swept” aside, rather than compressed. This was implemented due to the present technique of “sweeping” the tongue rather than compressing. The flat base helps to hold the tongue out of the field of view. Overall field of view was increased by modifying the cross-sectional area of the blade without altering width or height. This resulted in a larger field of view.


  • Removable, repolishable light pipes make these the longest lasting fiber optic laryngoscope blades in the world.


  • Repairable, allowing replacement of damaged light pathways for a fraction of the cost of a replacement blade.


  • The increased length, reduced profile, and continual curve help achieve successful intubations in even the most difficult patients.


  • Single-piece stainless steel blades ensure blade integrity (no soldered joints).


  • Welch Allyn provides free repolishing service to ensure long life.


Technical Specifications:
Inside Vertical: 10 mm
Inside Base to Tip: 132 mm
Other Information: The light output of the fiber optic bundles may degrade after about 1, 000 sterilizations. Fiber optic bundles may be easily removed and returned to Welch Allyn for repolishing to restore light output.


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