Welch Allyn ProBP™ 2000 Digital Blood Pressure Device


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Welch Allyn® ProBP 2000 Digital Blood Pressure Device

The Welch Allyn ProBP 2000 Digital Blood Pressure Device is a fast and accurate automated blood pressure device, designed for accuracy and reliability and speed. With Welch Allyn SureBP technology and Flexiport Cuff technology, the ProBP 2000 will enhance exams for you and your patients.

Welch Allyn SureBP technology:
• Blood pressure readings are captured more comfortably on inflation and takes about 20 seconds
• Meets AAMI standards for blood pressure accuracy
• One-button touch triggers the device to start capuring on cuff inflation
• 97% completion rate in the presence of motion

Welch Allyn Flexiport Blood Pressure Cuff Technology:
• Unique “snap-fit”, single-point connection helps remove the hassle of traditional cuff tubes and connectors,
to better support a busy workflow
• The ProBP 2000 is compatible with FlexiPort Reusable cuffs, ranging from child up to large adult and thigh
(15-55 cm range)
• When combined with SureBP technology, helps capture readings on inflation in about 20 seconds

Welch Allyn ProBP 2000 Digital Blood Pressure Device comes with a Power Supply and an adult size 11 flexiport cuff.


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