AND Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor UB543


AND Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor UB543

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AND Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor UB543

A&D Medical has applied its state-of-the-art measurement technology to the UB-543 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor that can be used on the wrist with the push of a single button. The design of this premium wrist monitor offers one of the largest screen displays available, while being compact enough for travel.The UB-543 features dual-user mode that letst two people use the wrist monitor and record up to 60 time-stamped readings each. It shows the average of the total readings, which is convenient to seize the blood pressure trend. The accuracy varies drastically depending on the position of the monitor in case of wrist measurement. To ensure that users get accurate results every time, the UB-543’s Correct Position Guidance iondicator guides the user to move their arm to the correct position to ensure that their blood pressure is being tested properly.



Product Code:R-PBPAND-UB543


  • Clinically validated for accuracy
  • Extra large LCD display
  • Correct Position Guidance indicator
  • Dual user mode
  • Dual user, 60 memory each
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection
  • Clock display with time and date stamp









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